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The First Eight Months

Wow, what a full-on 8 months! It some ways it feels like longer, so much has happened in my own little world of Empower MHT and obviously in the real, much larger world. I actually started writing this blog back in September, but hit a very busy patch and didn’t finish ….. So while I have a few mins here are some of my highlights so far!

Number one task was getting some courses in the diary - 6 courses booked for organisations

between Sept and Nov. (I am not complacent though I know it needs to be an ongoing process!) Networking does work and I actually enjoy going out, meeting people and chatting about mental health! These courses are nearly all completed now – Just one to go.

I have enjoyed delivering the new MHFA course. MHFA England have updated it, new format, up to date statistics and some additions to the package. I value learning for myself as well as others and delivering a new course keeps me on my toes. Here is the group from Oxford Plastics who were the first to do the updated course with me.

New MHFAiders® will have access to an App which enables them to easily find local and national resources for the people they are supporting. It can also be used to log any interventions they undertake and provide options for support following a challenging conversation, or a stressful day.

Another task has been working towards, hopefully, one day becoming a Suicide First Aid Instructor. I joined a one day course in January. Then through those very hot days this summer, when the only place it was safe to be, was inside, with the blinds drawn – I was working on my assignment. I haven’t done any studying for ??? years, so I must confess I did find it a massive challenge. A few weeks ago I received my certificate for a City and Guilds Qualification in Suicide First Aid. So chuffed!

A huge bonus and definitely a highlight both for me personally and for Empower MHT has been Louise Hodges joining me to work as our Administrator. It is wonderful to have Louise on board, we work well together and I value her clear-headed observations and attention to detail.

That’s it for now. I am taking some self-care time and heading for the garden while the sun is out …..

Liz x

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