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Website Goes Live - April 2022.

Hello and welcome to my new website!

This is a new start for me - After 3 very eventful years of delivering MHFA & other mental health training, to 100’s of delegates, I am going it alone. Well not alone, I know there will be lots of people to help me on my way!

Big thanks so far to:

*George who designed and put this website together for me. I am really pleased with it.

* Mike in advance - As I know your support will be needed going forward!!

* Omar for loads of encouragement along the way

* Bella (dog) for making me stop working, and go for walks on a daily basis, come rain or shine, and for giving me loads of snuggles!

And everyone else who has helped me out, no matter how small the input. You know who you are!

I had better stop now - This is not the Oscars ……

Liz x

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